Black Katz

The Black Katz are the backing band for the illustrious Mr. Danny Wild, and comprise Bob Taylor and Pete Last.

The band formed originally to play Rock n Roll at clubs and pubs in the South East area of England with the aim of supporting Danny Wild in his commercial Frantic Fifties Road Show.

When the demands for a Danny Wild Rockabilly Revival became noticeable last year, The Black Katz changed direction to focus exclusively on the Rockabilly sounds created in the earlier days of Danny Wild and the Wildcats.

On Bass is Doctor Bob Taylor. The Doc is the most recent member of the band but his experience and versatility are a vital part of the authentic sound that is Danny Wild Rockabilly Music. The Dr. of Bass has performed with many local bands and in addition to Rockabilly he has been known to channel his talent into Blues, Rock and R 'n' B, performing with such artists as Ben E King, The Fantastics and Dave Dee.

Those of you who frequent the Berks/Bucks area will know the Doc for the charity concert he organises annually at the Swan in High Wycombe to raise funds for the South Bucks Day Hospice.

On Drums and Percussion is Pete 'Panther' Last. The Panther has worked with Danny Wild on several projects over the years, (but dispite this he still wants to be a Black Kat Must be something to do with the nickname). Pete has been around the music scene, both here and abroad for (too) many years, and was once the drummer with Sunrise A rock and Roll trio from Dorset who became the support and backing band for the infamous Jumpin' Jimmy Thunder. Past triumphs and disasters have included a dixieland jazz band, punk rock, heavy metal and soft rock covers bands together with several Rock 'n' Roll projects over the years. Panther has bashed out a beat for the rest Now he does it for the best.

Danny Wild

For those of you who remember those days of the late rockabilly revival bands you will recall Danny Wild. Known for his unique talent of blending 'Interesting and unusual' lyrics with driving rock riffs, it's hard to forget the fact that Danny likes a good larf when he works. 'Old Bill Boogie' was a 'B' side on the original 'Mean Evil Daddy' single and really rocks it to the boys in blue, while keeping a nice level of sarcasm in the lyrics. 200 Miles is regularly covered by many of todays more prominent rockin' bands.

With a pedigree which includes his involvement with blues outfit Moggie, the first line up of Brewers Droop, subsequent work with Memfis Bend, Sunstroke and Shakin' Stevens this cat has rocked.

If any of you saw Carl Perkins tour in '78 you would remember Danny Wild as the supporting act for the great man when he performed at the Weymouth Pavilion.

Having spent some years in semi-retirement, some touring with the Danny Wild Frantic Fifties show and many deputations and guest appearances, Danny Wild is now back with the music he loves to play - Rockabilly.