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Danny Wild & the Black Katz

This website was formed for fans of rockabilly bands interests in the illustrious Danny Wild and his new band The Black Katz.

Danny Wild had been a strong presence in the 70's rockabilly bands scene when he quit Shakin' Stevens backing band The Sunsets to go it alone and recorded a rockabilly record called Wild in the Country.

The original backing musicians for this rockabilly record were known as The Wildcats - A session band put together for the recording and any road work which came from its release.

With Danny Wilds revival in 2000 the 'Wild in the country' album was re-released on a rockabilly CD in 2002 on the Polytone Record label.

Feel free to view others parts of the website including reviews of recent rockabilly gigs where Danny Wild and the Black Katz have been playing Rock 'n' Roll as well as his Rockabilly Hits and of other top rockabilly bands.

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